Frequently Asked Questions


How is Phenom different from other local programs?
At Phenom, not only does our qualified staff have decades of experience in teaching children ages 2-18, but EVERY student at Phenom Gymnastics is important and special to us. We are committed to helping every student achieve his/her personal goals and help him/her to be their very best in a caring, supportive and positive environment.


How do you stand by your claim that "Phenom is the Best"?
We are confident that we offer the highest quality gymnastics and tumbling instruction in the Chicago land area. If, during your two classes in your first term at Phenom, you are not satisfied for any reason, we will cheerfully refund 100% of your tuition.


Why are your classes divided by ages?
Years of study and research has shown that children develop differently, but there are certain milestones that are specific to each year of growth and development. Phenom Gymnastics prides itself on providing a developmentally specific program based on the ages of our participants. Attempts to "fast track" preschoolers have negative implications to your child, the other members of the class and the instructors. Our goal is to provide an environment that is fun, supportive, and most importantly, encourages a love of learning.


What should my tumbler wear?
Girls may wear leotards, or shorts and a t-shirts that can be tucked in to her shorts. Cheer shoes may be worn or bare feet. Leotards may be purchased at our pro shop.Girls' hair should be pulled up out of her face with a hair band (rubber band). All jewelry should be taken off before class


What if I miss a class?
It is always best to attend your regularly scheduled class. When you know you will be unable toattend your class, please call our office to arrange a make up in a like-kind class. Just like college, your tuition pays for a class spot, REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE. However, as a courtesy, Phenom Gymnastics offers make ups when doing so does not jeopardize the safety or lessen the experience of those children who have registered and paid for that class.

All absences must be made up in the SAME term. In the event of an absence the last week of the Term, a make up for the next Term will be permitted upon request. HOLIDAY absences may be made-up in advance of the holiday if within the same Term. The same applies to absences due to personal schedule conflicts known in advance.


Can I drop my child(ren) off for class?
At Phenom Gymnastics, we make a concerted effort to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises. Phenom Gymnastics in NOT equipped to supervise children before or after classes. Parents of children who are unable to safely supervise themselves are to stay ON SITE during their child's class and be at the appropriate pickup area when the class ends. Thank you for helping to facilitate the safety for all children.


What is the $50 Annual Registration fee for?
To encourage consistency in attendance over the year. The benefits of any educational program comes from long term involvement and our choice to charge an annual administrative fee rather than slightly increasing tuition over the year is to encourage consistency. It may help to remind readers that some industries such as martial arts and health clubs opt for yearly contracts while others such as academic schools and some dance schools opt for semester payments. Our 'soft' approach still allows in/out flexibility for those families who need it for one reason or another.


Will you notify me to confirm my class choice?
No. Our practice is to phone or e-mail only the few who do not receive their first class choice.To help you remember for which class you have registered, keep your yellow copy of the registration form and remember, "no news is good news."