image Mini Munchkin (ages 2-3 with parent participation)
This is a class for parents to help their children develop motor skills and basic coordination, as well as to introduce their youngster to physical activity. Children will learn body positions, names, and basic gymnastics skills such as running, jumping, climbing, stretching, rolling, balancing, hanging and other fun activities. This is a great class for parents to spend one on one quality time with their youngster while he/she learns and has a ton of fun!
image2 Totsy Turvy (ages 3-4)
In this class, children will learn the basic skills of gymnastics, gymnastics terms, as well as experience all the fun you can have on each of the gymnastics apparatus. This class blends physical activity with daily living skills such as listening & following directions. Unlike Mini Munchkin, in this class, children are given the experience of working and learning without a parent. In learning without mom or dad, children gain a great deal of self confidence and a tremendous sense of self pride and accomplishment.
image3 Phenom Flippers (ages 5-6)
Children will explore more challenging gymnastics skills. They will work on the floor, vaulting table, uneven bars, and balance beam. The basic skills they will learn include forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, handstands, limbers, and jumps on floor. More advanced Phenom Flippers will learn flip flops, back tucks, back walkovers, leaps, and turns. On the vaulting table they will learn to run fast, jump high, squat ons and handstands.  Advanced gymnasts will train front handsprings on soft resi mats, and front flips.  On bars, children will learn pull overs, casting,  cartwheel, handstand, swing on the bars. And on the balance beams, they will learn to walk, jump, roll, cartwheel and hold challenging balancing positions. This class not only incorporates the basic and advanced skills of gymnastics but develops muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, balance and control