Tumbling Class
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Flip Flop Class (ages 5+)
This is a class for kids interested in learning and refining the flip flop (back handsrping) skill. The main focus of this class is learning basic drills, progressions, & strengthening exercise to help attain and improve the flip flop. The flip flop is a prerequisite for many cheer squads.


Beginner/Intermediate Tumbling (ages 5+)
In this class, girls will learn the basic tumbling skills.. Skills that will be practiced include forward and backward rolls, handstands, front and back limbers, cartwheels, drills and lead up skills for back handsprings (flip flop). Students will also work on improving flexibility and strength needed for attaining those goal skills.



Advanced Tumblers (ages 7+)
*Pre-requisites for this class are a standing back handspring and a round off back handspring without assistance.


This is an advanced class for girls interested in learning more difficult tumbling passes, as well as perfecting current tumbling skills. Students will focus on achieving their personal goals, as well as train multiple backhandsrings, back layouts, front tucks through to multiple back handsprings, backward fulls and double fulls. Increasing flexibility and strength will also be a focus during this class which will allow the student to more quickly learn, and more safely perform their skills.


**Students in all levels of tumbling classes will train on spring floors, tumble into resi pits and loose foam pits, as well as train on our brand new in-ground Tumble Trak (trampoline).